Cal & Rue

Who are Cal and Rue?
Essentially, Cal and Rue were conceived to prevent us from writing "Superman Returns" fanfiction, after seeing the movie and falling for Brandon Routh and James Marsden. It was just a passing notion at first, but the bones became fully fleshed incredibly quickly. We decided to place the characters thus created in the Reaververse, partially so that Cal could keep some of Superman's powers, and partially because we love our alterniverse so much that it's hard to imagine not playing in it.

And that's about it in a nutshell. The characters have evolved, so that they no longer truly resemble "Clark" and "Richard", but in our minds' eyes, they still look exactly like the two actors who play those characters. And that's only where the fun begins!

We have so many plans for these boys, and we'll be writing them as fast as we can! We just hope that everyone enjoys reading and comes to adore Cal and Rue (and Jayce, Jess, Ryan, etc) as much as we do!!

A Quick Note:
The first story in this arc takes place nine years before "LFLS". Which sets it six years before "After the Rising". Jayce is one year older than both Tor and Cedric.

Additional Note:
With the execptions of finished stories, all these titles are placeholders only, subject to change at any moment.

#1. Daddy Dear: Talya Firedancer
Cal has finally found the son he had been searching for... and he has also found his mate. Unfortunately for him, Rue is not of the same mindset.

#2. Green Eyed Monster: Talya Firedancer & KnM
Rue must go to a club in order to get some information from a skittish contact. No way in hell is Cal letting him go alone! Cue the ex-lover....

#3. The Unstoppable Force: Talya Firedancer
Some battles must be fought and some things must be protected.

#4. No Place Like: KnM *WIP*
A trip home to meet Jayce's grandparents.

#5. Candle's Flame: KnM
There are some things more important than pride

#6. The Immovable Object: Talya Firedancer & KnM
Just how indestructible is Cal really?

#7. Sex-Magick
(Promises of nipple piercings and spankings!)

#8. How Do I Say...?
Rue finds out just how powerful Cal can really be.

#9. [to be announced]
Cal finds out just how powerful Rue can really be.

The Characters

Cal Pierce
1/4th Nephilim; adopted and raised by humans. Jayce's blood father.

Rue Pierce
Cyber-Wiccan with a few too many hang-ups. Jayce's adoptive father.

Jayce Whelan Pierce
1/8th Nephilim. Loves both his fathers.

Jess Reynolds
Friend and neighbor to the Pierce family. Often winds up trying to talk sense into Rue.

Ryan Mason
Jess' partner. Together they wind up babysitting Jayce quite often, but neither one minds.